- Tune King PS Front Hub 6-Bolt 15x110mm Predictive Steering

 - Tune King PS Front Hub 6-Bolt 15x110mm Predictive Steering

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The "King PS" for Predictive Steering forks is with not only light (152 grams), but with an oversize axle of 27,5 mm and special bearings also extremely stiff - what will be noticeable, especially with big 29 inch wheels.

Predictive Steering is a new hub standard, which was specially designed for the Rock Shox RS1 suspension fork, the hub spacing got increased by 10 mm (to 110 mm) and generally everything got sized bigger. The result is a more torsion-resistant hub-fork unit.

Tune mills, lasers and produces it in Buggingen. And they disassemble it even again in case you need a spare part. Regardless of which. But this seems to be implausible because in it there are the most durable bearings known.
Unique construction: due to adjustable play no bearing deadlock even at hardest lacing. Solid, uncomplicated, high-quality materials and precision bearings. Perfect manufacture - and absolutely robust even under hardest conditions.
Tune uses special bearings which are like that not available on the market! The bearings identify themselves through a special grease and a higher filling degree. Besides of fit they are double abradant sealed and maintenance free.

Version for 110mm RockShox Predictive Steering (RS1). Compatible to all 6-hole (IS2000) brake discs.
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