schwalbe - Procore 27.5 Tubeless System Set

schwalbe - Procore 27.5 Tubeless System Set
The Procore 27.5'' 650B Set from Schwalbe is a joint development with Syntace that can be mounted to all conventional wheels with a minimum internal width of 23mm. The system uses a new dual chamber system that allows you to run your tyres at extremely low pressures with out the risk of getting a snakebite puncture and has been in World cup races. The dual chamber works by running the inner core with a high pressure of about 55-85 psi which progressively cushions very hard knocks. The outer chamber can then be ridden at low pressures which can significantly improve performance. The dual chamber system not only prevents the risk of snakebite punctures but also protects the rims from denting and allows significantly lighter tyres to be used. The system also means that tyre burping common in tubeless systems is also prevented. The set comes with 2 procores, 2 innertubes and sealant.

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