ritchey - VentureMax WCS Handlebars

ritchey - VentureMax WCS Handlebars

Ritchey VentureMax WCS Handlebars

Ritchey's VentureMax WCS Handlebars have been designed to complement the handling characteristics required for an adventure. The VentureMax is as suitable on a Cross-Country Tour as it is on flowing Cross-Country Singletrack.

Providing More Stability at Speed

This handlebar has been engineered to ride wider than typical drop handlebars, providing more stability at speed and a greater level of comfort throughout the ride. It boasts the option for multiple hand positions thanks to the return curve of the bio-bend in the lower part of the bar, this adds a unique feel and level of control.

Please Note: The VentureMax width is measured at the initial bend, rather than at the hoods.


  • Sweep:
  • Flare: 24°
  • Bend: Ergo Bio-bend
  • Compatibility: All brake hood types
  • Weight: 304g

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