ism - PR 2.0 saddle

ism - PR 2.0 saddle
Prices from : 88 To 96 GBP
ISM stands for "ideal saddle modification"
The saddles provide relief for the perineal area and allow for an even stronger pelvic inclination to the front for a more aerodynamics riding position.

The ISM PR 2.0 is the further development of the ISM Adamo Century line. A slightly softer padding promises comfort, the lining is used according to the ISM Adamo Prologue principle.
With the PR 2.0 series, ISM offers you a saddle that is designed for riders who are about to enter the world of professional cycling.

· Length: approx. 250 mm
· Width: approx. 130 mm
· Rails: Satin steel rails (7 x 7 mm)
· Weight: approx. 375 g
· Padding: Foam and gel padding, 40 series

Manufacturer's ref. black: 50160001

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