- HED Jet 9 Alu Front Wheel for Clincher

 - HED Jet 9 Alu Front Wheel for Clincher

Note: The shown tires serve solely illustrative purposes and will not be delivered.

The Jet 9 Black are the highest wheels in the Jet line with a 90mm aero section. The deep rim and stability control technology results in a stable handling and a big dose of speed which can carry you to your next personal best triathlon or time trial.

This 28 inch wheel is 25 mm wide with an internal width of 21 mm. Wide rims carry a lot of benefits including better aerodynamics, better handling and increased tire volume for improved ride quality and rolling speed. At the heart of this wheel you will find a HED. Sonic Black hub with a hub shell made of carbon. The 18 bladed spokes help to further improve the aerodynamic performance and deliver the needed stiffness.

HED. spent hundreds of hours testing and refining a new braking surface, calledTurbine Braking Technology . With special machining and anodizing, the result a super clean all-black appearance and outstanding brake performance. How great is it? How about 25% shorter stopping distances in dry conditions, or 70% shorter stopping distances in wet conditions. Additionally, the consistency of stopping distances has improved by nearly a factor of five. That's not a typo. The all-black alloy rim and carbon cap give you all of the cool factor, and none of the safety compromises of carbon clinchers. No melted rims. No tire and tube failures. Only True Speed.

Please note: You have to use brand new brake pads when switching to Jet Black wheels. Old pads may contain metal flakes that can damage the rim finish. For standard aluminum rim pads (do not use carbon pads).
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