continental - Podium TT 700c Tubular Road Tyre

continental - Podium TT 700c Tubular Road Tyre
TT stands for time trial! In the race against the clock, entyre tours are decided which is reason enough to offer an especially fast TT tyre, just look at Cadel Evans' victory in the 2011 Tour de France! Although designed as a time-trial specific tubular, the Continental Podium TT 700c Tubular Road Tyre is also popular among pros in regular road races. The reason for this is its design, thanks to the latest BlackChili Compound, this Chrono-Specialist available in 19 and 22 mm widths is not only super-fast, its Vectran Breaker also offers excellent puncture protection. The Podium is a lightweight tubular tyre, weighing in at only 205 grams in its 22 mm width, low weight means low rotation energy. The tread thickness has been reduced to 0.7 mm, enough for a few hard racing days. The ultra-fast slick tread shows you how fast it is even when it's not moving!

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