colnago - C60 DISC Frame Set 2018 Classic MHBL

colnago - C60 DISC Frame Set 2018 Classic MHBL

A New Star is born!

The ultimate goal is to improve the bicycle: to make it more efficient, with less rider fatigue and no sacrifice in strength or reliability. The design must be striking. From a marketing standpoint, the frame's characteristics and technical advantages must stand out and not be completely hidden inside the frame. Star-shaped tubes are a proven design element and have become a signature design element for Colnago frames. It is from this proven design, with the goal of increased frame efficiency without significant sacrifice in comfort or strength, with which the Colnago C60 was born.
In the C60 various cross sections of tubes have increased volume, thinner walls and drastic tube profiles. No attention to detail was spared. The rear dropouts have been completely redesigned for reduced weight and increased lateral stiffness. Even the water bottle mounts were redesigned to reduce weight while maximizing strength.
With the new construction of the C60 Disc, Colnago was able to reduce frame weight by 140 g compared to the C59 Disc. A small weight revolution!

100% Made in Italy

  • Lavishly designed pipes in the master design with internal stiffening ribs and variable designed wall thickness and reinforcement chambers in the structurally stressed zones.
  • Depending on the frame size, the wall thickness, pipe diameter and the internal structural reinforcement zones changed to each frame size to ensure the perfect performance.
  • Optional C60 and C60 Disc frame comes with dual use for electronic and mechanical shifting systems. If you want to use the frame exclusively with electronical shifting a special version is available. Please enter a note in the course of your consultancy.
  • 9 frame height with sloping geometry, five frame sizes with traditional geometry and straight top tube and five with higher stack.
  • Internal cable routing for the rear brake cable and the shift cables.
  • BB86 press-fit bottom bracket shell - diameter seatpost 31.6 mm
  • bearing seat for press-fit bearings in the bottom bracket interchangeable (ThreadFit82.5)
  • head tube 1 1/8" - 1 1/4"
  • tyres max. 700x25 mm

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