sram - X9 10-Speed Front Derailleur Low Direct Mount 2x10

sram - X9 10-Speed Front Derailleur Low Direct Mount 2x10
The SRAM X9 front derailleur in Low Direct Mount version for 2x10-speed shifting systems.X-Glide is the common denominator that gives 2x10 unmatched shifting performance. Four identical upshift locations, ready to be be picked up by any outer link. Result? Perfect timing, almost instantaneous shifts, up or down, even under load.

Direct Mount derailleurs are directly mounted on the frame without any clamp. The frame has to be designed for a Direct Mount front derailleur in order to use one! Direct Mount front derailleurs offer frame designers freedom and flexibility. Based on specific manufacturer’s frame designs, SRAM is offering multiple X9 Direct Mount types. Since Direct Mount front derailleurs are chainring specific, each type is available in the following options: 39, 42 teeth chainrings.

Manufacturer item code:
S3 - 39 teeth - top pull: 00.7615.136.060
S3 - 42 teeth - top pull: 00.7615.136.080
S3 - 39 teeth - bottom pull: 00.7615.136.050
S3 - 42 teeth - bottom pull: 00.7615.136.070
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