pro - Mavic Cosmic SL UST WTS Front Wheel with Yksion Clincher Tire 2018

pro - Mavic Cosmic SL UST WTS Front Wheel with Yksion Clincher Tire 2018
The Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST is the top of thh Mavic carbon line wheels for clincher tires, because it is incredible light as well as aerodynamic and it scores at two points: dependability and durability. By combining these qualities it becomes the first choice for racers on any terrain.
A problem area of carbon clincher rims is heat dissipation: It is really challenging to create package consisting of carbon rims and high-pressure tires. Because during braking temperatures can reach 200 degree celsius - what carbon can non dissipate.
After year of experimentation and research Mavic carbon rim does not need any post-production machining of the profile. A continuous carbon-fiber layup is used instead and a monocoque carbon rim profile will be produced.
Superior heat management: Thanks to Mavic's exclusive hardening process the resin will be hardened and the preferred Tg value (melting temperature) will be achieved. This process will avoid delamination for temperatures up 200°C. The improved iTgMAX technology has been developed for 100% trustful performance. Additionally all Mavic carbon rims will be tested before selling.
Best braking performance: To achieve effective braking performance and heat management extreme consistent brake tracks are necessary. The unique casting process and a laser treatment provide a nearly flawless surface. This will provide short braking distances under dry and wet conditions and additionally consistent and efficient braking.
Super light, wide and aerodynamic: The result is a only 450 grams light rim with lowest inertia and incredible riding dynamics, for fast acceleration and precisely control. The wide rim profile (17 mm internal) provides low rolling resistance, great traction and a lot of riding comfort. Plus best in class aero performance, because of an elaborate NACA profile (40 mm deep, 25 mm wide), to provide the lowest possible drag without sacrificing in crosswinds. It is connected to the hub via proprietary aero spokes.
The Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST now features the Mavic Road UST tubeless technology. It reduces rolling resistance by up to 15% at the same tire pressure, increases riding comfort, lowers the risk of punctures and allows a user friendly installation in combination with the Mavic Yksion Pro UST tires.

Mavic Road UST Tubeless technology

By combining their knowledge of wheels and tires, Mavic was able to perfect the symbiotic relationship between the tire bead and the rim hook to offer a system that is not only fast on the road and easy to maintain, but also 100 % reliable so you can focus on one thing - your ride.

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