pro - Mavic Comete SL UST Disc WTS Rear Wheel with Yksion Folding Tire Centerlock 12x142mm

pro - Mavic Comete SL UST Disc WTS Rear Wheel with Yksion Folding Tire Centerlock 12x142mm
The Comete Pro Carbon SL UST Disc stands for 100% speed. And this speed is only possible if any friction is minimized: minimal drag because of maximum aerodynamics and minimal ground friction thanks to Mavic's brand new Road UST tubeless technology.
The rim is engineered with progressive aerodynamic technology featuring a NACA rim profile that is 64mm deep and attuned for 25 mm tires. It is connected to the hub via proprietary aero spokes. The wide, rounded shape was developed through countless hours in the wind-tunnel to produce the lowest possible drag without sacrificing in crosswinds. It offers, in combination with a fast engaging ID360 freewheel system, maximum power transmission with minimal weight.
Mavic's new Road UST tubeless technology reduces rolling resistance by up to 15% at the same tire pressure. Patented UST technology ensures the perfect union between tire and wheel, ensuring easy installation and removal. Tightly controlled tire and rim specifications ensure the safest road tubeless system available.
This version is purpose-built for disc brakes, with 24 spokes for optimized brake torque distribution. The rear works with 12x142mm thru axle frames (can be converted to quick release - adapters not included). With Centerlock brake disc mount.

Mavic Road UST Tubeless technology

By combining their knowledge of wheels and tires, Mavic was able to perfect the symbiotic relationship between the tire bead and the rim hook to offer a system that is not only fast on the road and easy to maintain, but also 100 % reliable so you can focus on one thing - your ride.

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