skins - DNAmic Tank Top SS17

skins - DNAmic Tank Top SS17
276 DKK

The DNAmic Tank Top is this season's must have addition to your workout wardrobe.

Top Features of the SKINS Womens DNAmic Tank Top (SS17)

Comfortable Fit Moisture Management 50+ UV Protection Warp Knit

Product Data

Fit: Skin

Top off your gym kit with a SKINS DNAmic Tank. It’s comfortable cross back design and built-in breast support makes it the perfect training partner for low to mid-intensity exercise.

About Compression Base Layers

Compression base layers enhance performance in training, competing and recovery, and are designed to reduce the quick build up of lactic acid in the muscles, whilst keeping you comfortable and dry during exercise by wicking moisture away from your skin. Body moulded compression garments also improve recovery after periods of sustained exercise and help to regulate your body temperature. Compression baselayers also help prevent muscle oscillation which leads to muscle fatigue and help to minimise muscle soreness.

About the SKINS brand

In 1996, an Australian skier had a bold ambition – to feel ten years younger so he could ski all day, party all night and be ready the next morning do it all again.

His starting point was the knowledge that improved blood circulation would supply more oxygen to his muscles, helping them work harder for longer and recover faster. So he consulted with NASA and other experts to confirm he was on to something. Turns out he was.

Soon word got out that there were these things called SKINS that improved your power, speed, stamina and recovery. Pro athletes were the first to start wearing them. Before long, amateur athletes joined the party.

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