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The FALKE TK2 WOOL socks are primarily made of fluffy merino wool. This provides a great foot climate and good insulation to ensure that your feet stay pleasant warm in winter without sweating. Thanks to a padding on heel and toes and a cushioning zone on the sole, these sports socks are perfectly suitable for long distances.

• Sport socks with a high content of merino wool
• Good foot climate and high insulation
• Good protection
• Cushioning zone on the sole
• Medium-thick padding in heel and toe area
• Elastic cuffs

Material: 70% virgin wool, 30% polyamide

Merino wool:
Compared to normal wool, merino wool has especially fine fibres. As merino sheeps are subject to extreme weather conditions in the open countryside, their wool is extremely thermo regulating and quickly wicks moisture away from the skin. This is why it forms a warming protective layer for the body even when wet. In contrast to normal wool, merino wool is not scratchy when it is wet so it can be perfectly worn directly on the skin. However, merino wool is also ideal for warm summer days as its high breathability has a cooling effect. Thanks to the natural sun protection, high comfort and fire resistance, merino wool is currently one of the most popular fibres on the market.

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