- vsf fahrradmanufaktur TX-Randonneur glossy emerald - City Steel

 - vsf fahrradmanufaktur TX-Randonneur glossy emerald -  City Steel
12.499 DKK
12.499 DKK
TX-Randonneur men trekking bike - 30-speed Shimano 105 Road, V-brakes and Shutter Precision low friction hub dynamo.

When the first edition of Paris-Brest-Paris, the mother of all randonneur events, finished its 1200km long course in the year 1891 it became clear what good randonneurs need to do: riding very long distances, unsupported. The TX-Randonneur is the perfect weapon for that purpose. Take an unbreakable steel frame in combination with a proven mix of Shimano road and MTB components and add a rear rack, fenders, Busch & Müller lights, Schwalbe Marathon tires and many more for the perfect long distance package.

Philosophy of vsf fahrradmanufaktur

To customers, the bicycles of vsf fahrradmanufaktur are far more than a practical means of locomotion. They are a fixed component of an attitude to life that is based on value preservation and a sense of responsibility.

The bicycles are put to the test year-in, year-out in day-to-day life and leisure-time, in wind and weather, as all-round modes of transportation, quite often even as a car replacement. This gives rise to high expectations with respect to comfort, fun riding, and longevity, which is fulfilled in all disciplines with an above average level of quality.

vsf fahrradmanufaktur, furthermore, pay particular attention to the functionality and selection of the technical components. As passionate bicyclists, they constantly think about the optimization of their products and participate in the discussion of current development in the two-wheeler scene..

Changes and innovations are incorporated into their program only after they have proven to provide for a substantial improvement for the customers. Fashion-oriented cosmetics are not among the principles vsf fahrradmanufaktur follows. These product politics have over the years led to a compact portfolio of mature models that – in part – have obtained cult status.

vsf fahrradmanufaktur bicycles are carefully made by hand in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony. They use high quality raw materials and brand name components that are matched to one another. Environmentally friendly production processes, for instance featuring the solvent-free powder coating principle, round out the profile as sustainable quality manufacturer.

Frames made of steel
At vsf fahrradmanufaktur, steel has traditionally been valued highly. As a material full of character, it spreads an aura of tried and tested craftsmanship, very much in the spirit of vsf fahrradmanufaktur notion of manufacturing. This much about emotions.

What has proven itself over a long period of time in bicycle construction must - of course - also be convincing in facts and figures: steel provides for a high tensile strength – in the case of the chromium molybdenum alloy 25CrMo4, it amounts to more than 700 N/mm².

As such, it is the number one choice in a lot of disciplines in the vehicle industry. The alloy can be shaped well with relatively low energy expenditure and is well suited for welding. As such, ideal prerequisites to producing timeless frames that are filigreed and elegant, yet, at the same time highly resilient.

Thereby steel frames show a flexibility next to their resilience that offers lots of comfort without necessity for suspension fork or spring-loaded seat post

vsf fahrradmanufaktur frames, aluminium or steel, come with 10 years guarantee. This also applies to rigid aluminium- and steel forks. Likewise all bikes are approved for a system weight up to 140kg (the T-XXL up to 170kg, R-500 and CR-500 up to 100kg).
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